Water proofing

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Free quotes, Prompt service, we are the fully licsensed tiler and water proofer.

  1. Strict adherence to safety standards,
  2. Flawless workmanship,
  3. Complete accountability,
  4. Full documentation for your records (insurance certificate etc.),
  5. A complete clean-up of the area after we're finished working,
  6. A complete 100% satisfaction guarantee on all jobs

What we do

From ceilings to fixtures, a surprisingly large proportion of the average property can be prone to water damage. Wenbin tiling and Waterproofing Sydney provides a comprehensive service, to help improve aesthetics and minimise future repair / replacement costs.

New build or Remedial work.

We can treat:

Rooftops, Platforms and surfaces, Warehouse floors, Basements, Retaining walls, bathrooms, kitchens, Balconies, Decks, Façades, Indoor/outdoor areas.